A SUSPECTED thief was arrested when he was spotted pushing a bike with a lock and cycle stand still attached to it.

The man, who was also pushing another bicycle at the time, was confronted by officers from Grove Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) in Leyton high Road on Tuesday, September 28.

He has now been released on bail.

It was later discovered that a cycle stand outside nearby Leyton Tube station was missing.

A man claiming to be the owner of the stolen bike has also since come forward.

Sergeant Kate Collin said bike thefts were prevalent in the Leyton area but that many victims often failed to come forward.

She said: "It's very difficult to press charges unless a victim comes forward or if the bicycle is registered.

"However if we find a bike in someone's possession and it's registered in someone's else's name then that can be overcome."

A recent registration event at Coronation Gardens in Leyton was attended by 40 people.

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