The game got off to a cautious start with neither team wanting to be exposed too early in the game. 10 minutes in, disaster struck Crostyx and threatened to derail a promising start from the Purple Train. The central midfield dynamo Dan Hunn, was struck by a game ending back injury. Nevertheless, the purple train pushed on, with Andreas Vasilliou now at the helm of the midfield we took an early advantage thanks to the silky northern skill of Billy Bowes

Waltham Forest then unleashed a handful daring attacks at the Crostyx goal late into the first half, including one that required a inspirational goal line clearance from or leader Captain, Joe Whitehead. Would Waltham forest have what it takes to compromise the purple fortress of the Crosytx defence?

Half time saw a textbook inspirational speech from the ever present Coach, Simon Blockley reminding an exhausted team that victory was within our sights.

As expected, the second half got off to a fast paced start, with Waltham forest determined to make back the deficit from the first half.
Before Waltham forest knew it they received another punishing blow from the Purple train unleashed by none other that Rob Harrison.

Just as we thought that we had sent Waltham Forest packing, down the road with their tails between their legs, they unleashed wave upon wave of fierce attacks at the Crostyx goal, one of which required Keeper, Ian Baldwin to whip out his acrobatic skills that would leave the cast of Cirque de Soleil wondering how he did it.

Eventually after a number of weak short corners, Waltham Forest finally managed to convert, much to the dismay of the team and the fans, which at this moment was at least 7 strong.
Spurred on by the possibility of drawing and only picking up one point, in this grudge match to rival all grudge matches, the purple train cranked it up a gear. A quick 16  reached the stick of James Lawes. The turn that was to follow was so slick, the two Waltham Forest players he beat stood aghast. The ball was then played up to Billy Bowes who, with one thing in sight, threw a shoulder that left the keeper confused and slotted home the goal that was to be the nail in Waltham Forests coffin.

After what seemed like an age, the final whistle went and the Purple Train reached its final destination, Victory Station!  3-1 Crostyx!!!