What a good weekend to be a West Ham fan - we didn’t lose.

Admittedly because we didn’t play, but lets not get concerned with minor details, after we completed two loan signings with a bit of pedigree.

Now at the risk of eating a slice of humble pie I doubted the owners' intentions in the transfer window as I’ve stated previously.

For all the talk of Demba Ba, Joleon Lescott et al. the only signing of note was League One center half Roger Johnson, so forgive me if I wasn’t convinced we would attract anyone of any calibre.

The failed signings of Johnny Heitinga, who rejected us, and the long and drawn out, eventually unsuccessful attempt to loan Lacina Traore, who chose Everton, left me thinking that we were only dealing in the bargain basement.

And accepting any transfer would probably be a Gold and Sullivan post window classic - namely an out-of-contract non-scoring has-been or never-will-be from South America.

So as rumours of the imminent arrivals of Italian internationals Marco Boriello and Antonio Nocerino gathered pace I wasn’t convinced.

Even if they did fly in, Roberto Martinez, who seems to be turning into a Spanish Harry Redknapp, would be waiting at the airport to wisk them off to Merseyside to sign for Everton.

So as the Italian media went into overdrive sharing photos of Nocerino supposedly boarding a flight to London and a Tweet from Boriello saying goodbye to Roma fans, I was still thinking they wouldn’t end up here.

But come Friday afternoon both were confirmed and I was a happy Hammer.

Both are fairly recently capped internationals with decent reputations and I’m hoping they can both the ground running.

Whatever the debate about Allardyce tactics the fact of the matter is we have very few players who are comfortable in possession and these two should add some quality in that area.

West Ham might still be woefully short in the pace department, which neither will bring, but we need some craft and guile too.

There’s no doubt we’re still light at the back but with the imminent return of Winston Reid lets just hope we can pick up enough points until that stage to remain in contention.

With Swansea, Norwich and Southampton at home and Villa away next month, February will go a long way to deciding our fate.

It’s not looking good but at least we’ve given ourselves half a chance.