London Great Dane beat Ruislip Eagles 42-28 in the second match of the Men's EHA National Cup on Saturday.

Ruislip are the only club that has defeated London GD so far this season but some well-taken goals from the wings, combined with continued pressure in the centre, gave London GD an early advantage.

Goalkeeper Paulo-Sergio Barbosa also put in a notable performance with some excellent saves ensuring London GD were leading 20-11 at half-time.

Ruislip came into the second half in full force, looking to put the pressure on.

With an aggressive defence, Ruislip gained ground but London GD held on thanks in part to left winger Silviu Hapendiuc who scored nine goals.

"We knew Ruislip Eagles would give us a challenging game" said coach Juan Pedro Carrasco."It was tough losing to them the last time we played, so we were keen to prove ourselves and make sure we came away with a win. All the players gave everything they had, and I saw some tremendous performances out there."

He added: "The team has started to bond and play well together, showing that we have a lot to fight for this season."