Such are the near stratospheric standards the O’s have set themselves in this ‘season of seasons’ that they will be somewhat disappointed not to have settled this play-off tie in the first leg and leaving Tuesday clash academic.

Solely for a split second did we see what has been probably the only O’s blot on the landscape this term – switching off at the back on occasion – although who doesn’t - and allowing Posh to get their noses in front – but for the vast majority of this midday showdown we saw just what Orient have to cut the mustard at a higher level that I and many would no doubt believe they deserve to be plying their trade come early August.

If it hadn’t been for the brilliance of their gloveman, Bobby Olejnik, then we could have already been celebrating a trip to Wembley later this month. And, in some ways, Boro will have been happier that the tie is still level.

It’s just a shame that away goals don’t come into the equation in this tournament as that would give us a further advantage, but Saturday has gone now and Posh will probably be breathing a great sigh of relief that – arguably – they’ve got out of jail and live to fight another day.

So, tomorrow night will all be about who dares wins and league form will go out of the window. I wouldn’t say – though – our home record has been lamentable – but I am just a bit worried about having suffered those half dozen or so losses and obviously the Posh home defeat still wrangles – and that was from a winning position and many – prematurely – celebrating returning to the top of the league.

The return leg will no doubt be a close call but if we can pummel Peterborough like we did Wolves in the second half of the Easter home clash then I think we will have enough in our locker to progress.

Keep the faith,

Up the O’s.