Leytonstone boxer Philip 'Quicksilver' Bowes says he was happier with the weather on Sunday than winning the first title of his professional career the night before at York Hall.

The 29-year-old beat Francis Maina on points 99-92 to land the vacant International Masters light-welterweight title.

However speaking on Sunday, the southpaw played down the victory and title: "To me it was just like a normal day, even though I'm a champ, it doesn't mean anything," said Bowes. "I'm just enjoying the weather more than the title.

"My first professional title; it feels good to win your first professional title, but because it's only really a minor title, I'm not really ecstatic.

"When it's more of a relevant title, like a Southern Area, or a British title, Commonwealth or world title, that's when I can be elated. But right now, this is just a stepping stone for me to get to the bigger titles."

Bowes has now won his first nine fights - two by knockout - since turning professional two years ago and says he always felt in control against the 31-year-old from Limehouse, who suffered his third loss.

"The fight was fine; the guy was very tough, very game. He kept coming forward, but I had my superior skills, my showmanship and slick boxing got me through," said Bowes.

"I was always pretty comfortable. I was showboating in the last round, my hand speed was phenomenal and everything was great.

"No-one could ever argue with the result - it was one-sided," he added.

The aim for Bowes is now to land a higher-ranking belt, with the Southern Area title within Bowes' sights later this year.

"The plan is that I'll be out the gym for about a week then I'll get back in the gym in a week's time and be in preparation for my next fight on July 12 and then I've got another fight on September 27 - hopefully for the Southern Area title," confirmed Bowes.

"After that, British, Commonwealth titles. When you're in the Southern Area and you're in the top-ten rankings, anything is possible - you can get the call for the British title - anything can happen, you don't know.

"Just being in the mix [is good]. Winning this title will probably put me in the top eight again, which makes me very, very relevant.

"Every fight I have has been a step up. Even though Francis Maina was for a title, my biggest step-up was Paul Appleby.

"Beating Paul Appleby made me have the confidence I have now to get through and beat these guys on wide margins. He's a former British champion and I have to thank him a lot for even fighting me because him fighting me gave me a lot of confidence and experience."

The identity of Bowes' next two opponents are, as yet, unconfirmed.

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