Essex racer Lochlan Bearman will enter this year’s London Cup, nicknamed the ‘Silverstone of karting’, at Rye House on September 7.

The event is the most established major karting competition in the UK and is famed for its tight and technically demanding track.

Bearman, pictured, who will first compete in round seven of the Mini Max Stars Championship at Whilton Mill on Sunday, has unfinished business to tend to at the London Cup.

In last year’s Cadet category, the 12-year-old was in second place with three laps to go but was punted from behind and finished the race in fifth.

A disappointed Bearman, racing on a year-old chassis, felt hard done by in the race which featured some of the nation’s top racers.

After the race, he said: “It’s really hard to take when you’ve done everything right and you lose out like that – unfortunately none of the marshals reported the incident which also cost the leader his place.”

Bearman continued: “Whilst my prime objective is to win the championships we are in which continue with round seven of Stars at Whilton Mill this weekend, I’d love to win the London Cup at the circuit where I started my career.”

As this event will be televised on Men & MotorsTV and is the closest track to home, Bearman is looking to hear from sponsors who want to support him for this round only.