Philip Bowes has promised: “No more Mr Nice Guy” ahead of his next fight.

The southpaw slickster from Leytonstone is matched with tough Luka Leskovic at the York Hall in Bethnal Green on Saturday, October 14 – and is planning a change of tactics.

Bowes was fuming after Glenn Foot narrowly outpointed him for the vacant English super-lightweight championship at the York Hall in May – and says that fight will be a turning point in his career.

“I realise now what it takes,” said the 33 year old. “I’m going to be more aggressive, more nasty. There’s going to be no more Mr Nice Guy.

“Every time I’ve lost it’s been because I’ve been roughed up, fouled and held.

“I was trying to box Foot and he just held. He turned it into a wrestling match, a UFC fight.

“That’s not boxing, but that’s what’s beating me.

“I’m going to have to change my style if that’s what the judges and referees want to see.”

Bowes felt hard done by after the Foot fight – but is remaining positive.

“Of course I was annoyed afterwards,” he said. “But I’m not downhearted, I’m not downbeat, and neither are the people around me.

“I thought I won the first six rounds and the referee didn’t count a knockdown either.

“I feel the referee robbed me of the fight.

“He had a bad night – and that cost me the fight.”

Foot has subsequently lost the St Georges belt to Akeen Ennis-Brown – and he is now a target for Bowes.

“There are a few things in the pipeline,” said Bowes. “I just want to perform well on Saturday and make a statement, I now know what the next level is and I also know that I am ready for it.”