With Nigel Travis’ takeover of Leyton Orient now complete, the club’s fans’ trust (LOFT) have revealed their plans to help take the O’S forward.

The most pertinent of these comes in the form of having a fan representative on the board of football at Brisbane Road.

Travis has himself backed the plan and a meeting between himself, supporters’ club representatives, acting CEO, Marshall Taylor, and supporter liaison officer, Karen Harrison, proved productive.

A LOFT statement read: “Nigel affirmed that he wants to have an elected supporter director on the board of the football club, via a process to be decided between both us and the supporters club.

“We have made progress on agreeing this process in a meeting afterwards and will reconvene soon. We’re confident we can come to an agreement that ensures a democratically elected supporter director on the board.

“Once we have a proposal, we plan to call a special general meeting in the coming weeks, so that members can vote on whether to ratify it.”

The statement also touched on the sizeable amount of money raised by the regeneration fund set up in response to former owner Francesco Becchetti’s turbulent tenure.

Plans to use the money raised to ensure Orient becomes a partly supporter-owned club will continue to be pursued.

The statement continued: “We are fully aware of the desire to see the money raised by the regeneration fund – over £175,000 – used to help the club regenerate from the past three years of negligence.

“The mandate given by you, LOFT’s membership, is setting up the fund included using it to secure a supporter part-owned football club in the event of a club sale, and that is exactly what we will be discussing with the new owners as soon as we can.”