Christmas all year for JLS families

12:13am Saturday 22nd December 2012

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JLS have revealed they won't be splashing out too much on presents for their families this Christmas.

The lads have achieved fame and fortune since coming second on The X Factor in series five, and have been able to treat their loved ones throughout the year.

Marvin Humes - who has filmed A Very JLS Christmas for Sky 1 HD - said: "We're very fortunate, we look after our families all year around, especially our little brothers, who get all of our cast-off clothes.

"And I don't mean cast-offs like hand-me-downs that we've worn for five years, these are brand new clothes. Every three months I do a clear-out and I'm not joking, it's embarrassing how many clothes that we get given and we don't wear and have to throw away or give to family and to charity.

"My little brother for example gets the most from me throughout the year. So when Christmas comes I don't get him anything!"

Meanwhile, bandmate Aston Merrygold said the weirdest gift he was ever sent by a fan was a tank of fish.

"I got sent real fish once. Don't ask me how it got there, but the tank was there. I just left it with my management, I was like, 'I'm not taking that'. The fish died."

Marvin, Aston, Oritse Williams and JB Gill handpicked 400 of their fans to camp out with them in festive log cabins while recording their 90-minute TV special, which also features performances from the band.

"We wanted it to be a really exciting Christmas extravaganza for our fans, friends and family," JB said. "It's thanking them for their support and dedication and rewarding them for how much they've supported us."

:: A Very JLS Christmas airs on Sky1 HD tonight (December 22). Their new single Give Me Life is out on Sunday, December 23.


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