Sue Perkins has revealed that instead of resolving to eat less in 2013, she is planning to eat more.

While most people's New Year's resolutions centre around dieting and exercising, in a bid to get healthy after festive excesses, the comedian and TV presenter has vowed to do just the opposite.

Sue said: "My New Year resolution is to get scoffing! I have to make sure that I've prepared my stomach for the onslaught of series five of the Great British Bake Off.

"That means I have to make sure I eat a goodly quantity of scones, cakes, tarts, flans, pies, biscuits, tortes and meringues in preparation for when we start filming in April. I take it seriously. My stomach doesn't expand by itself. It needs work, so I'm putting in the hours."

Sue stars in new BBC Two show, Heading Out, beginning in 2013.