A PAINTER is auctioning his latest piece on eBay to raise money for a homeless charity.

Modern artist Paul Cates, of Chingford Lane, Woodford Green, created a painting called Books v Kindle and encouraged members of the public to add their thoughts directly to the piece.

Comments written on the painting, which has been on show in the Village Bookshop for the last couple of weeks, include:

"There’s room in the world for both."

"Turn on the power, put on the candles, open up your mind and resume, inhale and listen to your book as it takes you on a journey."

"Down with electronic books,  experience the journey and treasure it forever."

"You can’t curl up with a machine."

"I don’t have to keep recharging my book."

The auction goes live tonight at 8pm for ten days and money raised by the auction will be donated to the homeless person charity Crisis.

Mr Cates said: "I work as a gardener outside all day in the cold, but I can go home and have a hot shower and warm up.

"Homeless people can't. They are still outside in the freezing weather.

"At Christmas I'll be all tucked up inside eating my turkey, but these people won't and that's why I'm raising the money."

To bid on the artwork visit www.ebay.co.uk and search for Books v Kindle.