Parents and carers painted a series of black and white portraits to raise awareness of the conditions that led to the Turkish mining disaster in May.

The exhibition at Mossford Green Primary School in Fairlop Road, Barkingside, was curated by Turkish artist and mother-of-two, Filiz Kahraman.

Ms Kahraman, of Genas Close in Barkingside, was so shocked by the loss of 301 lives in the coal mine explosion in Soma, Turkey, on May 13, she decided to start a project during her adult art class to detail the world's response.

To create the exhibition, Ms Kahraman, parents and carers painted images of people from all over the world who had blackened their faces to show their grief and circulated the photos on Facebook.  

The amateur artist's interpreted the photos how they wanted and portraits were also painted of the mining victims themselves. 

"Mining is the village's sole source of income and many husbands and sons have lost their lives at the mine. Families of the victims have been traumatised by the event and many people, not just in Turkey, feel greatly saddened by this tragedy," said the 34 year-old artist.

Mossford Green deputy headteacher, Stuart Fryd, said the school was "proud" to host the artwork.

He added: "The black and white stark pictures will hopefully raise awareness of the mining disaster three weeks on and help paint a picture of the shocking conditions these men face every time they go to work.

"Our school is proud to facilitate it and we hope it brings the community together".

The portraits will be on display at the school's Olympic hall until tomorrow.