NEIGHBOURS claim a scheme to have them pay to use parking bays outside their homes was forced on them despite an overwhelming majority voting against the plans.

In 2007 the Epping Parking Review was launched, part of a £1 million district wide review aimed to resolve commuter parking problems near tube stations.

Plans for a range of parking restrictions in the streets near Epping tube station were drawn up by Essex County Council officers, and residents were consulted over them in December 2010 and January 2011.

Sunnyside Road had been blighted by commuter parking problems for years, with residents claiming they were often left unable to park anywhere near their homes when commuters took all of the spaces on their street early in the morning.

They were consulted on whether would like a permit scheme imposed, in which they would pay for the exclusive right to use parking bays outside their homes.

However, despite 19 objecting to the plans and only four approving, the county council is pressing ahead with the parking permits scheme.

The new measures are due to be brought in to effect in the next couple of months.

Alan Rofe, 64, has lived in Sunnyside Road for over four decades.

He said: “We only wanted restrictions for a couple of hours in morning. I have a lot of family who come to visit and after about 11am and that would have left them able to park outside the house with no problems.

“Something has to be done. But during the consultation we expressed the view that parking permits were not needed.

“It seems like the council just want to take the money off people.”

His neighbour, Roy Redgwell, 74, said: “All they want is to bring in a bit of money.

“It has taken them years to do something about this and then they go and impose this scheme that no one voted for.”

An Essex County Council spokesman said: "The review was undertaken on a street by street basis with a number of informal opportunities for members of the public to comment on the proposals and a formal consultation that was undertaken from December 2010 to January 2011.

"The decision was made after reviewing the comments received during the formal consultation and an additional consultation with Epping Forest District Members where no clear decision could be identified whether to include or remove the proposal from that street.”

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