RESIDENTS living on two roads which they say are being used as a rat run have handed in a petition to local councillors calling for the introduction of speed restrictions.

The petition has been signed by 49 people on Wellington and Nelson Roads in Wanstead who fear their safety is being put at risk by motorists avoiding busy Hermon Hill.

Ellen Pugh, 33, of Wellington Road, is one of the organisers of the petition which was presented to Snaresbrook councillors Chris Cummins and Sue Nolan last weekend.

She said: “I’m pregnant and I regularly have friends with children visiting me.

“My brother-in-law was putting his two-year-old daughter in the car the other day and a car came speeding down the road.

“It just hooted at him to get out the way. It really isn’t going to take much for an accident to happen.”

The council carried out traffic speed surveys of the road in 2001 and 2005 and the results of another survey have just been collated.

The surveys have all concluded that there is not enough of a problem to reduce new restrictions, but residents say the results are being skewed.

Ms Pugh says the monitoring equipment was installed too close to the junction of Nelson Road a point at which motorists slow down anyway.

In addition, she says it was situated immediately above three off street parking places where cars travelling up the road slow down to give way.

And Betty Wheel, 78, of Wellington Road, said: “This is also the route for learner drivers. They are obviously very slow, and whenever the council measures speed the learners skew the average.

“I can tell you, we get motorists coming down this road like it’s Brands Hatch and for those living towards the bottom it’s absolutely horrendous.

“I don’t even cross on to Nelson Road because it just feels totally unsafe.”

Fellow Wellington Road resident Sylvia Mullen, 82, added: “It’s very bad in the mornings when the cars come flying around the corner from Nelson Road.

“I’m worried that one of these cars will hit my wall or even go through my window.

“They need to make it a 20mph road, because If nothing is done there will be a big accident one day.”

A spokeswoman for Redbridge Council said: "Members have asked officers to look into the issues raised and any proposals will be discussed with members."

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