PENSIONERS are afraid to cross a busy main road because a set of pedestrian lights have been out of order for a month following a crash.

The crossing in Chingford Mount Road, by the junction with Hampton Road, was installed in the 1990s after a fatal smash and has been well-used by walkers in the area ever since.

The lights were broken after reportedly being hit by a car around four weeks ago and have been replaced. But residents have been left frustrated because they have still not been turned on.

Maureen Goodwin, 70, of nearby Kingsley Gardens, said she feared someone would get run over unless it was brought back into use soon.

She said: "It's a dangerous bit of the road because cars go very fast and the crossing is near a blind bend.

"The other day I just about managed to get across when a car whooshed behind me, and I'm a fairly quick walker.

"I saw another elderly man going across with his blind daughter and they only just made it.

"People are afraid and I don't want to go across at night because I am so concerned about it. It's not safe unless we have those lights.

"It's an accident waiting to happen."

There remains confusion over the reason for the delay in getting the lights working again.

Mrs Goodwin said she had contacted both Transport for London (TfL) and Waltham Forest Council but both reportedly said it was the other's responsibility.

Reverend Malcolm Boulter is the pastor of South Chingford Congregational Church, which is located right next to the crossing.

He told the Guardian: “We are concerned about it. We do get crashes there occasionally but usually it's repaired within a couple of days, so I'm surprised it's been going on this long.

“The situation has made it quite difficult for our elderly folk, most of whom use the crossing and of course don't move that quickly.”

The Guardian is awaiting a comment from TfL and the council.

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