A COURT case for a man accused of repeatedly flouting planning regulations has been adjourned.

Brian Gage was set to appear at Thames Magistrates Court this afternoon (July 9) accused of breaching an enforcement notice ordering him to reverse the conversion of a set of garages into a bungalow in Chingford.

But the case will now not be heard for three months because letters serving notice of the court date, from prosecutor Waltham Forest Council, were not delivered to the right address.

It imeans the ongoing saga between Mr Gage and his neighbours in Dale View Avenue is set to continue. The residents have battled with Mr Gage over his alleged building on land behind their houses since the 1980s.

The businessman is also said to have built a larger bungalow and a coach workshop on the land, where it is claimed he also runs a minibus company providing transport to airports, called Beeline Buses.

The council claims he has repeatedly ignored attempts for nearly 30 years to force him to remove the structures.

His neighbours have spent £10,000 to secure three High Court orders in a bid to resolve the issue, but the buildings still stand. They say the land, owned by 38 households along the road, is protected from being built upon by a covenant dating back to before the Second World War.

Mr Gage has denied this.

Gordon Wilkinson, of Dale View Avenue, said after the case was adjourned: "It's really disappointing. We were hoping this could help put an end to this but nothing's happened."

The case is due to be heard at Thames Magistrates Court on Monday, October 8.

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