TRADERS on a narrow slip road say a proposal to paint double yellow lines in front of their parade of shops will put them out of business.

The shopkeepers on the stretch of road by the Chigwell Road/Manor Road roundabout in Woodford Bridge also say they won’t be able to take deliveries because the council is proposing to bring in loading restrictions.

Pat Ilett, 70, whose family run a florist and a café on the parade, said: “There is an old bus stop outside the shops which we have asked TfL to remove so that it can be turned into a couple of parking bays where customers can stop.

“But we also need them to put in a loading bay.

“If they don’t, it will close us all down because drivers won’t be able to drop anything off.”

Mrs Ilett and other traders met with representatives of Redbridge Council and TfL on July 26 in an effort to make them change their minds on the restrictions.

But Charlie Skaros, who owns the Sea Farers chip shop said: “There is no way they should even be proposing these restrictions in the first place, because trade is bad enough for us all as it is.

“If you are a customer and you see double yellow lines, what are you going to do? Drive on, that’s what.

“And do they expect delivery drivers to park half a mile up the road and lug heavy bags of potatoes down to me? This will close us all down.”

At a meeting of the council’s area two committee meeting on July 24, Bridge Ward councillor Paul Canal asked Highways officer Cliff Woolnoth why the double yellow lines were being put in.

Mr Woolnoth admitted he didn’t know, which prompted Cllr Canal to remark:  “We may have bought too much yellow paint with a paint by date that we are keen to use.”

As part of the plan, double yellow lines will also be painted on the other side of Chigwell road at the junction of Manor Road.

Cllr Robin Turbefield explained this was essential to stop the roundabout clogging up.

But Herish Patel, 64, who works at Chigwell News, said: “There is no reason to introduce these restrictions outside the shops.

“By putting in double yellow lines you are just sending out a message to passing trade not to stop at all. That will finish us off.”

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