A PENSIONER is calling for parking restrictions on his road after his wife fell and broke her hip while guiding him out of their driveway.

Shirley Budgett, 74, was rushed to Whipps Cross Hospital after stumbling off the kerb outside her home in Broadmead Road, Woodford Green last Friday (August 31).

She had been ushering husband Rod, who is also 74, and their two teenage grandchildren out of their driveway because he could not see oncoming traffic because cars were parked on either side.

The couple have been forced to cancel a holiday to America and Mrs Budgett is heartbroken after missing her granddaughter’s 18th birthday party.

Mr Budgett, a retired bank manager, said: “There is a big commuter parking problem on the stretch of Broadmead Road between Vernon Avenue and Charteris Road, because it is the nearest place to the station where commuters can park.

“I couldn’t see a thing and I thought ‘with two children in the back, I’m not going to risk this.’

“I asked Shirley to help, but I think she got very nervous about the responsibility and lost her balance.”

Speaking from hospital, Mrs Budgett said: “It will be difficult coping from home and I would certainly be very wary of ever doing something like that again after this.

“I’m very upset about our holiday and missing my granddaughter Amy’s birthday because I love and look forward to family occasions.

“I was meant to go to watch the Paralympics on Sunday and had also planned a trip to Waltham Abbey.

“I’m a very active person, so this will really affect my life.

“Things never used to be this bad when parking in the Hawkey Hall car park was free.

“Now it’s empty and our road is full of commuter cars.”

Last November Mr Budgett was fined £55 for parking with two wheels on a grass verge while he dashed into the house to get his wife to help him edge his way onto the road.

He has written to Redbridge Council demanding they introduce a one hour ban on the road.

He said: “They are neglecting their responsibilities by allowing commuter parking on such a busy road, and are in effect encouraging commuters to park there.

“I think there could be a very serious accident if nothing is done about this problem.”

A spokeswoman for Redbridge council said: "We understand residents’ concerns and we are currently looking into ways that we can help ease parking and other traffic issues in this area.

"We have recently introduced a number of traffic calming measures in Broadmead Road.

"This includes double yellow lines at the junction of Charteris Road to improve sight lines and markings on the road advising drivers to slow down.

"We are also looking to consult local residents on the possibility of extending the Controlled Parking Zone in Woodford Green to cover this part of Broadmead Road in the near future.

"We would also encourage drivers to make sure they are being considerate when parking and making sure they are not causing a hazard to other drivers."

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