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Notice ID: WAT0597554

Notice effective from
27th April 2018 to 27th May 2018


The Council of the London Borough of Haringey has made the Temporary Traffic Orders described below: Southern Road N2

Reason for 14(1) Order -Lead free Pipe Replacement

Operational dates General Effect of Order

Date: 01-05-18 to 04-05-18 Road closure of Southern Road N2 at its junction

Time: 08:00 to 18:00

Back up dates 14-05-18 to 17-05-18

with Western Road N2

No stopping/waiting/loading/unloading

Cholmeley Park N6

Reason for 14(1) Order - Removal of Oak Tree

Operational dates

Date: 03-05-18 to 03-05-18 Times: 08:00 to 16:00

_General Effect of Order_

Road closure of Cholmeley Park N6 outside its junction with Cholmeley Lodge to the Bank N6 No stopping/waiting/loading/unloading

Muswell Hill N10, Muswell Hill Broadway N10, St James, Muswell Hill Road Hillfield Park, Church Crescent N10

Reason for 14(1) Order - Thames Water Mains Renewal

Operational dates

Dates: 1) 07-05-18 to 11-05-18

2) 14-05-18 to 18-05-18

3) 21-05-18 to 25-05-18

4) 23-07-18 to 03-08-18

5) 23-07-18 to 03-08-18

Time: 24hrs

General Effect of Order

1) Suspension of parking outside number 97 Muswell Hill Road N10

2) Suspension of parking outside number 77 Muswell Hill N10

3) Closure of St James Lane MO

4) Closure of Muswell Hill N10 at its junction with Woodside Avenue N10

5) Closure of Church Crescent at is junction with Muswell Hill Road N10

No stopping/waiting/loading/unloading

St Loys Road N17_

Reason for 14(1) Order - Raised Table Reconstruction

Operational dates

Date: 08-05-18 to 15-05-18 Time: 24hrs

General Effect of Order

Road closure of St Loys Road at its junction with Moorefield Road N17 No stopping/waiting/loading/unloading

West Green Road N15_

Reason for 14(1) Order - Statutory Utility Works

Operational dates

Date: 08-05-18 to 15-05-18 Time: 24hrs

General Effect of Order

1) Ban right turn from West Green Road N15 into Stanley Road N15

2) Suspension of 2 loading bays side of number 437 West Green Road N15

3) Suspension of 4 parking bays from outside 59 to Stanley Road N15

4) Suspension of 4 parking bays side of 435 West Green Road N15

No stopping/waiting/loading/unloading

Stormont Road N6

Reason for 14(1) Order - Crane Operation

Operational dates

Date: 12-05-18 to 19-05-18 Back up dates: 02-06-18 Time :08:00 to 18:30

General Effect of Order

Closure of Stormont Road N6 outside number 8 to its junction with Hampstead Lane N6 No stopping/waiting/loading/unloading

Greenfield Road N15 Reason for 14(1) Order ■

Sewer Cover Replacement in Carriageway

Operational dates

Datel 3-05-18 to 13-05-18 1 Day Time: 24hrs

General Effect of Order

Road closure of Greenfield Road N15 from its junction with Seven Sisters Road N15 No stopping/waiting/loading/unloading

Area around White Hart Lane and Love Lane

Reason for 14(1) Order -

Lane and Love Lane.

Reconstruction of the public footways and carriageways in White Hart

Operational dates

Dates: 29-04-18 to 25-09-19 Times: 24 Hours

General Effect of Order

Road Closure and/or footway closure, together with suspension of parking in High Road N17, both sides, between

its junction with Percival Court and its junction with Moselle Place.

Suspension of parking in Gloucester Road N18, both sides, its whole length

As and when indicated on site by traffic signs No stopping/waiting/loading/unloading The provisions of the Orders shall apply only at such times and as directed by traffic signs. For road closures, traffic signs will direct alternative routes. Access will be maintained where possible. For more information contact - 0208 489 1300 or visit our website at 27th April 2018


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London Borough of Haringey


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