Hungry Heart – the world’s only Bruce Springsteen-dedicated club night – is gearing up for its biggest night to date, celebrating the iconic American musician’s 70th birthday. Taking place on Saturday, September 21, at East London’s Oval Space, the event will gather 1,000 Springsteen fans to hear seven epic hours of non-stop Springsteen. Tracks will include everything from classic album hits to rarely heard B-sides and original live versions dating back to 1975.

Liberating, life-affirming and joyful, Hungry Heart is the ultimate night out for Springsteen fans of all ages. Along with bumper-to-bumper Springsteen from 8pm to 3am, the upcoming event will feature a huge 6ft x 4ft birthday card for attendees to write a message to Bruce, photo booths, a sign-making station so that fans can request their favourite songs and tributes to the legendary E Street Band.

Fresh off the back of a sold-out tour, Hungry Heart is making waves as the UK’s most feel-good alternative night out.

Hungry Heart was founded in early 2018 by three Springsteen superfans – blogger Hannah Summers, co-founder of Pizza Pilgrims Thom Elliot, and Jon Beck of Redline DJs & Entertainment.

Springsteen fan Hannah Summers was treated to a burger chat with Springsteen in 2013, and has spent years longing to hear Springsteen’s music on nights out.

She said: “I was the person going to clubs and nagging the DJ to play a Springsteen song – which never went down well. I knew there must be other people like me who’d love to go on a night out and hear all the songs of their favourite artist played loud in a non-gig environment.”

Curious potential Springsteen fans can build their song knowledge with Hungry Heart’s beginner, intermediate and advanced Springsteen Spotify playlists, available on the Hungry Heart website.

Tickets for the September event are now on sale from