A sensory exhibition set in total darkness has launched in East London.

Dialogue in the Dark launched in Space Studios, Hackney, in December and runs until April 30. The sensory exhibition is set in total darkness, designed to enlighten the public and raise awareness of visual impairment and blindness.

It is an exhibition about experiencing London, taking place in a specially designed dark area with different rooms offering experiences from daily city life, filled with sounds, flavours and objects without using the sense of sight. Being handed a white cane and guided by a blind guide, visitors will experience enactments of different parts of London.

The purpose of the Dialogue in the Dark exhibition is to facilitate social inclusion of blind and disabled people. Its aim is to change society by changing the way in which visitors view those with disabilities. In the darkness those with sight will momentarily experience a whole different world.

As visitors travel through the exhibition, an invisible landscape emerges, composed of sounds, scents, wind and textures. Visitors will explore a park, a city, embark on a bus ride and enjoy coffee and appetizers in a café.

Hakan Elbir, managing director, said: “I am honoured to play a part in this life-changing experience. Our aim is to not only to change the way in which people see the world but to change society around them.

“Dialogue in the Dark is a unique learning opportunity and a true innovation on social entrepreneurship which also provides employment for disabled, marginalised and elderly people.”

Space Studios, 129-131 Mare Street, E8 3RH, until Thursday, April 30. Details: dialogue-in-the-dark.com