An author from Loughton has written a new book about the shocking story of civilian deaths during World War II.

In Secret Casualties of World War Two, Simon Webb reveals one of the last secrets of the war: the casualties which ‘friendly fire’ from heavy artillery inflicted upon British and American civilians. In the case of the British, Webb argues that these deaths were part of a deliberate policy which was devised to ensure that those living in big cities remained there, despite the dangers of enemy bombing. There were times during the German bombing of London when more people were being killed by British shells than were dying as a result of enemy bombs.

Webb also uncovers the way that the history of Britain is still being distorted to this day.

Simon Webb is the author of a number of non-fiction books, ranging from academic works to popular history. He works as a consultant to television companies and filmmakers and also writes for various magazines and newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.

Secret Casualties of World War Two is published by Pen & Sword and is available now.