She's the bodybuilding baker from Woodford who has wowed us with her black forest gateau and impressed Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry with her biscuits.

We caught up with Ugne Bubnaityte to find out more about The Great British Bake Off contestant.

Hi Ugne, how long have you lived in Woodford Green?

I’ve been living in Woodford a few years now.

Favourite food shop/café in the area?

I love the little boutique family owned butchers down on Woodford High road. There are a few places I shop in Wanstead and South Woodford Area too.

Earliest memories of baking?

I started baking from a young age. My Grandmother treated us with baked goods whenever we came around to visit her. My Mum is an amazing cook as well. I guess baking/cooking just tends to grow on you when you have people to aspire to

Favourite ingredients?

My favourite ingredient is flour. It is so versatile, and after adding a few other bits and bobs turns it in to these great and tasty bakes biggest love of all for me has to be chocolate….

Favourite thing to bake?

I am absolute all-rounder, starting with cookies finishing with soufflé tart.

Best thing you've ever baked?

Oh I’m proud of everything I bake. As I am an experimental baker, creating my own recipes, there is always a risk of failure, but when it comes out good and tastes amazing; then that ‘taste’ of success is highly motivating and rewarding in itself!

Baking disasters?

Oh, the first time I ever tried my hand at making Macarons, they turned out something resembling a ‘Tuile’! Needless to say…FAIL!

Why did you enter Bake Off?

I have a great love-affair with baking. All my life I was surrounded with bakes from my family. Thus, I had that passion inside of me from a young age which eventually developed into something more serious – one can say I dedicated myself towards it. I have been told by friends and family to enter Great British Bake Off for a long time now, but only this year I decided to sit down and actually fill in the form. And, after a rather lengthy selection process, here I am, amongst other amazing bakers battling it out for the title in THAT legendary white tent.

What do you hope to get out of it?

It means the world to me. To challenge myself, the experience itself is once in a life time (extraordinary) opportunity for which I am grateful to be a part of. Hopefully in the near future it will develop in to something bigger and better, as I would love to associate my career with baking.

Did you watch the show before?

Oh yes, from series 1 I was glued to the telly every week.

How did you prepare for the competition?

All of my life culminates in this competition… I was baking before, I was baking during.. and surely will keep be baking after it is all done.

What do you think of Paul and Mary?

They are exactly like I imagined them to be - lovely people. I love Mary to bits, she is one amazing woman. And Paul, well… what you see is what you get!

Your favourite of the other bakers?

All of the other bakers are unique and very talented in their own right. I have no favourites, as I don’t see it as competition! I am just here to do the best I can.

What's your day job?

I am a PA/Administrator working in the City of London.

When did you get into bodybuilding?

Fitness always featured in my life. At School I was a runner and a basketball player at national level. The gym was always part of my strength routine. It was only now, when my partner (who has always been in to his fitness and gym) competed in the IFBB Classic Class British Finals in 2014 the bug bit me so to say. Somehow it triggered a motivational switch in me that I too would like to challenge myself in this sector, and see just what my body would be capable of. This sport of bodybuilding requires a lot dedication, will power and determination. It became another dream of mine, which I just had to achieve!

Have people started recognising you?

Yes, to an extent, it can feel awkward as I don’t know how to react towards it!

Anything else you'd like to add?

If you have a passion and a dream, go after it and never let anyone else divert you from achieving it.

The Great British Bake Off is on BBC One on Wednesdays. Find out more about Ugne on her baking blog