As World Mental Health Day approaches next week, Daily Life Ltd, a Stratford-based arts and mental health organisation led by artist Bobby Baker, will be taking over the William Morris Gallery, in Walthamstow with their WGM Late: Roving Diagnostic Unit event on Thursday 13 October.

The Unit aims to widen cultural participation whilst also inspiring conversations about mental health. Artists Marie Louise Plum, Sara Haq and Kate Rolison will lead Diagnostic Expeditionary Tours of the gallery and will ask questions such as "Does the gift shop display hoarding symptoms?" and "Perhaps the textile collection has family problems: generalised anxiety disorders?" as well as "Are the toilets experiencing grandiose delusions?"

Bobby Baker will also be presenting a brand new performance, How To Model Me, which is her own take on the TV show America's Next Top Model. However, her interpretation will include an unexpected psychiatric diagnostic twist.

Singer songwriter Dylan Tighe will provide music and poet Sean Burn will play with words and ideas around mental health, while also using language to open up the subject.

Whatsthebigmistry will be running a workshop where people can make their own "power pants" to help them deal with the challenges of everyday life.

Rhiannon Armstrong, who is an associate artist of interactive theatre-makers Coney, will also be presenting the Emotion Police Emancipation Programme, which will explore items in the William Morris Gallery Collection and explore how labelling works in a museum context.

WGM Late: Roving Diagnostic Unit, William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Road, Walthamstow, E17 4PP, Thursday, October 13, 6.30pm to 10.30pm, details:

By Rachel Russell