A divorced, deceased bickering couple refuse to leave until they get their demands met in a new play written by Walthamstow’s own Annie Burkin.

Yes that’s right, deceased. For you see Whines and Spirits is a comedy drama set at a clairvoyants evening of mediumship that goes terribly wrong. The play will be shown from Monday, August 14 to Sunday, August 20.

I spoke to Annie, 40, who also stars in the play, to find out more…

What is your background in theatre?

I started my drama training at the Anna Scher Theatre, Islington, in 2005, where you are taught drama through improvisation and also encouraged to produce, write and direct your own plays. I guess in my years there I would have put on approximately eight plays.

In an acting capacity I have been involved in many productions including, Where’s Norman Beaton Gone (Rich Mix) and A Balcony in Verona (The Cockpit).

Tell me about the play

A divorced, deceased bickering couple refuse to leave until they get their demands met, which turns into a case of be careful what you wish for as we find out they you can’t always rest in peace. Especially when you have left behind you a trial of lies and deceit. It’s a story of tattered relationships, honesty, dishonesty and love with a huge amount of laughter chucked in. Basically its Ghost meets EastEnders.

What made you want to write it?

In 2015 I was very fortunate to have a rehearsed reading at the Theatre Royal Stratford East of another play of mine, Selfie Rules. A friend who happens to be a clairvoyant came along to watch and afterwards said to me that I had inspired him to write a play about a clairvoyant, so I wished him the best of luck with it. I saw him about a year later and he said that he had changed his mind and said that I should write one instead using the clairvoyant role as a base. That was in September and by December I had a script ready for a bunch of actors to come and make it come to life in a reading.

Do you have a process you follow when writing?

My process is very quick and surprising to others. I always go with the idea that I can’t get out of my head, I work out the beginning, middle and end and then just start typing. I mainly work inside my head and not on a piece of paper, so from different scenes to character names, it gets typed out automatically. I don’t pre plan and I cannot work on something for lengthy amount of times, I always aim a deadline of two to four weeks and I’m known for sitting on a computer for eight to ten hours at a time.

Tell me about the character you play

I play Lisa, one half of the deceased couple. She’s feisty and annoying, much due to the fact that she ended up dying with her worst enemy, but also probably quite happy that she died never needing botox. She can’t be too much of a pain for long though because she has arrived into heaven with a secret and has been praying that it will not be raised.

Tell me what it’s like acting in a play you have written

I actually had no intentions of being in the play but it was my director, Nick Campbell, who said he could only see me playing the role. I suppose me playing a character that I wrote means I can portray it exactly as I always saw her and I’m also there for advice for the other actors for any character or dialogue direction.

Do you prefer it to acting in other people’s work?

To be honest I’d probably say I prefer acting under someone else’s work just due to the added pressure. As an actor you never want to let your director, cast or yourself down and I’m giving my play just as much dedication and energy as I would to any other production but I feel personally that there is so much more responsibility which is a massive learning journey for me but I am adoring it.

Anything to add?

Putting on your own production is a massive deal and even though we all have our day jobs we find the time and commitment to follow our passions. I would really appreciate the locals coming along to support me and if you have never been to theatre before, even better, let us be your first experience. Come away from the television for one night and I’m confident you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Whine and Spirits takes place Monday, August 14 to Sunday, August 20 at the Hen and Chickens, 109 St Pauls Road, Highbury Corner, N1 2NA. Details: camdenfringe.com