A human sculpture photography project created by an internationally-renowned choreographer is coming to east London this weekend.

Stratford Living, by Willi Dorner (bodies in urban spaces) and presented by East London Dance, has been created especially for Stratford. This is the first time Will’s eye-opening living room project has been mounted in the UK.

Working with east London-based professional dancers, Willi has choreographed a series of human sculptures in a range of private homes and public spaces in both the historic and more recently developed quarters of Stratford. He hopes to offer a creative exploration of urbanisation and living environments in east London today.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Willi says: “Stratford Living subverts conventional views of the everyday lived environment by making public the arranged systems that define our private spaces.

“We move within a strict framework of arranged systems and regulations. They are so every day that, over time, they become invisible to us. This is also true for our most private spheres, our houses and apartments.

“The original project, living room, explores the notions of housing, interiors and exteriors as well as the urban district in which they are located. It opens up buildings and makes an urban district accessible “from the inside out” and thus also provides an insight into the private spheres of our fellow people that are usually not visible to the public.

“Whereas in a private setting people tend to behave much more naturally as themselves, in the outside, public space, the private individual turns into a much more anonymous, uniform figure - one among many others. Stratford Living draws a line between the private and the public to make these contrasts more clearly visible - whereas the private individual appears in colourful clothes in a private living environment, the anonymous public person appears in black and white.”

These living sculptures have been photographed in-situ by his long-time collaborator Lisa Rastl. Audiences will be able to experience the exhibition of these photographs on a walking tour of Stratford on August 26 and 27, to view many of the images in the places in which they were created.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Willi’s work was memorably seen in London in 2009 as part of Dance Umbrella, an international dance festival in London, when his globe-trotting human sculptures project, bodies in urban spaces was mounted across the city – from Tower Bridge to City Hall.

Stratford Living is the next chapter of Dorner’s artistic exploration, reflecting again on the theme of the private individual in the public domain, as well as challenging the boundary between public and private worlds by transforming private homes into public exhibition spaces.

Following the world premiere of Stratford Living in August, the exhibition will be displayed at Sadler’s Wells from October 11 to 28 as part of Dance Umbrella 2017.

Polly Risbridger, director of East London Dance says: “This year continues to see East London Dance celebrating and championing the people, places and artists of east London and creatively tackling urgent contemporary issues such as the changing landscape of our local community.

“East London is undergoing unprecedented change as the largest regeneration project of our time brings new spaces, homes, people and organisations to the area. By bringing an artist of Dorner’s calibre and international reputation here and connecting him with local residents and organisations, Stratford Living shines a spotlight on the role of the arts in this changing cultural, physical and social landscape whilst simultaneously celebrating our local community.”

A walking tour photographic exhibition in homes across Stratford on August 26 and 27. Tours start between 12 noon and 3pm. Details: eastlondondance.org