The new single from 22-yeard-old Connie Constance quickly garnered tens of thousands of people listening online.

Let Go, and the adjoining music video, received over 30,000 plays in a week on YouTube and more than 40,000 streams on Spotify.

Last year the Stratford-based singer signed a Record Deal with AMF records and a publishing deal with Kolbalt. In 2017 she performed at AfroPunk Festival at Printworks, Glastonbury and the BBK takeover at the O2 (BBK stands for Boy Better Know, the independent label started by grime artists Jme and Skepta).

She has recently toured the UK with Kojey Radical and will perform at the Camden Assembly, Chalk Farm Road, on November 17. A show she has curated, Pep Rally, for which she has handpicked the artists, focusing on musicians that are from suburban areas and don’t have the London buzz in the music scene yet.

Following this Connie is set to release an EP of three songs, titled Boring Connie, on November 23. I spoke to her to find out more…

Were you always musical as a child?

Always creative, wrote poetry from and young age and was heavily involved in dance.

What music did you grow up listening to?

BritPop, Rock, British Soul and Indie Rock - bands like The Jam, Oasis, Stone Roses, The Smiths, Amy, Adele. My Grandad played a lot of Reggae and Motown and still does.

Was this encouraged at school?

I went to Kings Langley Secondary in Hertfordshire. It was very encouraging for students who were into the arts. There was so many opportunities, like Rock Challenge and Caberet which was admired by both students and teachers. The arts education really gave me and plenty of my peers a step ahead in life - for what it feels like to perform, natural highs and what it feels like to be inspired and respected for being inspiring.

It was only a year of two ago that I saw school mate Matthew Johnson and his band the Spitfires open up for Paul Weller. There was music rooms with drums and acoustic guitars and I have fond memories of it being cool to try and learn Oasis songs with a couple of mates.

Describe your music

From the soul, British soul.

Do you play instruments as well as sing?

I write using the keys, but that’s about it.

What inspires you?

General life experiences and whatever’s going on in the world that I have an opinion about.

What have your highlights been music so far?

AfroPunk, Kojey Radical Tour.

Tell me about the new single

It’s a jazz/soul alternative song that stems lyrically from a past relationship. I was lucky enough to work with Alfa Mist and Jonny Drop on this song. I’d like to think it is something unique to popular music however not obscure. It really speaks on that limbo part of a relationship where you are heavily in love but things have started to get a bit messy emotionally.

What are your hopes for the future?

I’d like to build a big enough fan base so I can go on tour and release a legendary album, at least in my own right