The Blue Boar is adorned with flickering candles in the windows. As you enter, the soft light gives the room a welcoming feel.

The venue is small and can hold between 14 to 16 people comfortably. We are here to try an eight course menu with pairing wines which have been chosen by chef Andi Walker to accompany his dishes.

Andi - well known for his appearances on MasterChef: The Professionals - has opened a pop-up restaurant at the Blue Boar Deli in Abridge and it is proving to be a real success.

It would be easy to assume that this is an exclusive venue, but it’s much more of an inclusive experience. After being seated by our very polite waitress we are presented with amuse bouche consisting of a cube of ham hock in breadcrumbs with mustard along with an amazing take on pork crackling which was wonderfully light and crispy.

The reason why this is an experience is because every guest is greeted by Andi and each dish is served by him as well. He brings them to your table and explains the process and the ingredients; listening to him speak you can’t help yourself being drawn in by his passion and absolute dedication to creating memorable dishes with quality ingredients sourced locally.

We had chosen to have the pairing wine option which meant with each course we were given a glass of wine to accompany it. These were carefully chosen and worked superbly with each dish. There is also the option to have the eight courses and choose you own wines if you wish.

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What was also striking was that, because you were tasting these dishes for the first time, it became a topic for discussion. At one point I looked around the room and did not see one person on their phone; everyone was eating and enjoying the different flavours and style.

On this night we were lucky to have Andi’s signature dish of duck with broccoli and spicy nuts which, like everything else, was first class. I’m only sorry you missed it, because what is very different about this restaurant is that the menu changes every week.

By Andi’s own admission the size of the venue suits him perfectly; any bigger and he would not be able to give the service and attention he likes. Also, it is perfect for larger parties of 10 to 16 people where he is available to discuss the menu and tailor it to your preference. It would be like holding your own dinner party with food created by a top chef.

The pop-up restaurant at the Blue Boar Deli Abridge is one to watch as it really is a new dining experience with a personal touch.

Each week the new menu is posted onto the website

The Blue Group Pop-Up, Market Place, Abridge, RM4 1UA. Details: 07392 854 747