A Simple Space is contemporary circus at its best and returns to the Underbelly Festival Southbank with an entirely new cast from Friday, April 5, to Sunday, May 5.

Shunning the traditional glitz, glamour and grand spectacle, A Simple Space instead strips the true essence of circus back to its core as seven acrobats push their physical limits through a performance which is simultaneously raw, frantic and delicate.

Honesty is the essence behind A Simple Space as audiences are immersed, brought in so close as to surround the stripped back stage for a multisensory experience as the acrobats push their bodies to the absolute limit.

Driven by an original live percussive soundtrack, the reality of failure and weakness is introduced as the usual guards are broken down and through raw, visceral performance personal narratives are conveyed and explored.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

The show is the original production from internationally renowned circus company Gravity and Other Myths which, since premiering at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013, has gone on to tour the world. A Simple Space captures and champions the GOM founding ethos which focuses on human connection and acrobatic virtuosity. The show is a true product of the ensemble which creates it and as the new season will feature a new cast including the finest Australian acrobats, audiences can bet on a new dynamic which is strong, cheeky, daring and demonstrates the most innovative and immersive circus experience.

Underbelly Southbank Festival, London, SE1 8XX, Friday, April 5, to Sunday, May 5, various times. Details: underbellyfestival.com