Gabriella Lindley, aka velvetgh0st, met Zoella last year and they immediately became the best of friends.

They even made videos together, talking about the things they’d bought at the shops and other such YouTube video staples.

zoella and gabby

Their friendship blossomed before their faithful viewers’ eyes. But, after a few months, the pair appeared to stop speaking altogether. After months of questions from fans as to why the two appeared to have fallen out, Gabby finally addressed the whole palava on her own YouTube channel.

She explains: “This is a tricky one because I don’t think there’s been anything definitive that has happened between myself and Zoe. There’s not been a massive argument or a massive this or that. I think that sometimes people just grow apart, and that is what happens.

“I think part of it is that I’ve tweeted things in the past that are not about Zoe and Alfie, and viewers have kind of made them about Zoe and Alfie, which is not cool at all, because I genuinely didn’t mean it about them.

“That’s one thing that sort of started to piss me off a bit because people were like ‘Oh my God, you’re shading Zoe’ and I was sat there like ‘That is not about Zoe’.”

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(YouTube/Gabriella Lindley)

She continues: “To be honest I’m quite upset about me and Zoe’s friendship because we were so close at one point.

“Part of the reason now that we’re maybe not so close is probably my fault.

“It got to the point when people started saying that I was using her, and that was not what I wanted at all, I never wanted to use Zoe. I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this, but I never asked to be in a video.

“I never set out to be in them like: ‘Oh my God, Zoe’s got this many subscribers, let’s get in her videos so I can get that many subscribers.’ That is not what it was at all, I was just happy to have a friend, and when people started saying that I was using her and all I wanted was subscribers, that affected me so much.”

“That kind of made me think that Zoe was thinking it, because so many people were saying it.

“People thought that it must just be like a work thing or that I was using her, and they made silly things up like that she was being paid to be my friend. That upset me a lot, probably a lot more than I said at the time.

“So I think I kind of distanced myself a bit from Zoe.

“It got to the point where I asked not to be in Zoe’s videos because of what people were saying, and that again made me distance myself because I knew that she was daily vlogging and I didn’t want to be in them.

“And then it got to the point where I didn’t feel like I could be myself any more because people seemed to just hate me for being myself.

“I think it just got to a point where it was probably my fault, but I’d just distanced myself too much and then sometimes friendships are just hard to get back when you’ve done that. But I still love Zoe so much, and I wish we could just go back to before the hate started.”

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(Gabriella Lindley/YouTube)

Ooh, drama!

The video and gossip surrounding the whole thing has kept “Gabby” on Twitter’s trending topics list most of the evening.

Gabby’s tell-all honesty video got a lot of support from fans.

But others were quick to question how sincere her attempt to rekindle the friendship was. Surely it’s just a tad more hassle to make an entire video than it is to pick up the phone and call someone?

What will happen next in the dramatic lives of the YouTube elite? Who knows? Who cares? Either way, it will probably trend on Twitter.