Piers Morgan had to do his own make-up before going on Good Morning Britain – quipping that the “struggle just got real”.

The 54-year-old breakfast show host posted a selfie, on Instagram, of himself applying powder in his dressing room at Television Centre.

Katie Piper advised “Blend blend blend”, while one fan wrote “You forgot the lippy”.

Morgan captioned the snap: “Doing my own Good Morning Britain make-up for the first time – this struggle just got real.”

Later he told viewers: “I just had to do my own make-up and I’ve got to tell you it was quite a thing.

“You have to remember all the bits. I had to get the foundation and then the powder and God knows what else is going on.

“I have no idea whether my head is camera ready or not. In the general scheme of things I don’t care.

“However, if it is really good maybe I should keep doing it!”

Morgan is not the only ITV presenter who is having to get acquainted with a make-up bag because of coronavirus restrictions.

This Morning host Phillip Schofield told fans on Tuesday that he was applying his own make-up for the show.

Phillip Schofield on Instagram (Screengrab/Instagram/PA)

“Well this is a bit of a first – no glam squad now,” he said.

“I’ve just made myself up,” he added, showing fans his foundation and a selection of brushes.

“I don’t think I look like Barbara Cartland,” he joked of the late novelist, who was known for her brightly coloured make-up.

“Do I look all right?”