A long-established accountants is relocating after the business could no longer cope with the effects of a parking permit scheme.

A controlled parking zone was introduced in Addison, Chaucer, Dangan and Spratt Hall Roads in Wanstead after residents’ complained about commuters parking outside their homes all day.

But partners at Tish, Press and Co Accountants in Cambridge Park have had enough of the situation and the office will be relocating within the next few months.

Raymond Tish, partner at the accountants which has been in Wanstead since 1986, said: “We have complained to Redbridge Council numerous times about the situation.

“I am having lots of problems with clients coming here now because they can’t find anywhere to park.

“We aren’t losing business, but we aren’t gaining business either. Our clients moan tremendously about the problem.

“It is a joke. My staff walk for miles and miles to find somewhere to park their cars all day.

“There are plenty of spaces available and we just can’t use them – it is very frustrating and we have had enough.

“We wouldn’t mind paying for business permits, but the council hasn’t thought about that – they just aren’t forward thinking.

“I will be sorry to leave Wanstead – it holds a lot of memories for me. I’m also sorry for businesses like Belgique who are also losing business because of the parking.”

Geraldine Bloomfield, secretary at the firm, added: “The parking around here is just terrible. We park wherever we can.

“I’m worried Wanstead will eventually become a ghost town.”

With as many as 30 clients visiting the office a day and 18 staff, the four spaces on the forecourt of the building just aren't enough.

All staff will relocate, but the front of the office will remain as a base to meet clients if necessary and permission has been granted to turn the rear of the building into two flats.

Keith Coffey, of the Residents Against Residents’ Parking group, said this was an example of what was to come if something wasn’t done now.

He added: “This is a great shame. There are already rumours of larger chains wanting to move into the already empty properties in the high street.

“It is proof and a clear example of what is going to happen to many traders.”

The year-long scheme is due to be reviewed by councillors of the Area One Committee on May 20.

A petition signed by over 700 people against the current scheme is due to be presented to councillors before the next meeting.

Mr Tish declined to comment on where the office will now be located, only that it will be further out of London.