Cars and vans have been crashing into bollards in a quiet residential street on a "daily" basis ever since they were installed in April to improve safety.

Redbridge Council erected three small bell-shaped bollards at the High Elms and Elm Grove junction in Woodford Green after a string of crashes and near-misses.

But, while the bollards have been largely successful in protecting homes and the pavement, the crashes have continued.

The latest happened on Thursday when home improvements trader David Sherwin got his van stuck right on top of one of the bollards.

Mr Sherwin, 47, told the Guardian: "There was a large vehicle carrying scaffolding that was also trying to get past, so I tried to manoeuvre out of its way and didn't see the bollard and went right over it.

"The damage is going to cost hundreds of pounds to repair and one of the wheels has come right off. But the neighbours were quite sympathetic and even came out to offer me some tea.

"I've been using this route for about 20 years. I understand why the council put them there but I think they should make them easier to spot, there should be a sign or they should have painted them yellow."

Residents say they are not surprised by the crashes and argue that it shows more measures are still needed to stop vehicles using the narrow route as a rat-run.

David O'Sullivan, 44, lives on the corner. Mr O'Sullivan and his wife were among those who urged the authorities tackle the problem after their front garden wall was demolished in one crash.

He said: "There have been crashes happening daily, it's mostly cars scraping their sides off but we've had a few trucks getting stuck like this.

"I can't fault Redbridge Council, they have done what they can and we're pleased they have attempted to address the problem.

"But the junction is on the border with Waltham Forest and that council just isn't doing anything.

"The bollards are not enough, we need width restrictions and no-access signs, especially on Elm Grove, but it's under the control of Waltham Forest Council.

"Something needs to be done otherwise this is just going to keep happening again and again."

The Guardian is awaiting a comment from Redbridge Council and Waltham Forest Council.