Children put on a spectacular production of The Tempest at a drama centre.

More than 70 year five and six pupils from Oakdale Junior School in South Woodford were involved in the play at the Redbridge Drama Centre last week.

Many of them performed in the adaptation, but others worked behind the scenes on lighting, sound, make-up and ticket sales.

Oakdale Junior head teacher Linda Snow said: “The children worked so hard on everything and we were rewarded with a superb play.

“I have been inundated with nice emails from those who came to see it.

“The children do everything from the scripting to the finished production,  it really is their show. I’m very proud of them all.”

The school puts on the show at the drama centre every two years and all the money raised from ticket, programme and T-shirt sales will be ploughed into the next production.

Mrs Snow said: “It’s more than just a play, it’s an enterprise project. The children have adult support but they are the ones in charge of all aspects of the show. They even keep their own log of finances.”

This will be the last project at the drama centre which Mrs Snow oversees.

She said: “I’m retiring at the end of this term, but I’m sure there will be many more Oakdale productions at the drama centre.

“It’s a wonderful place. The staff are brilliant with the children they treat them like adults when they are training them. It's a great experience for them.”