Confusion reigns over the validity of parking fines issued when restrictions were unexpectedly enforced.

Stuart Barton, 43, was ticketed in April for parking with two wheels on the pavement, despite residents in narrow Eagle Terrace, Woodford Green, doing so for more than twenty years.

Other drivers were also hit with penalties after Redbridge Council’s CCTV car visited the street where residents say they have to park partly on the pavement to prevent blocking the road.

But while Mr Barton had his appeal against the fine turned down, Linda Morris, who was ticketed while visiting her daughter in Eagle Terrace, has had her appeal accepted.

Mr Barton said: "I’m very happy for Mrs Morris and everyone else who has had their fines overturned.

"It does not seem fair that they have not cancelled mine. I paid it in the end because it’s my company’s van and they didn’t want me to take the matter any further."

Footway parking in narrow streets across the borough is currently under review, with enforcement suspended on many streets.

Church End councillors Hugh Cleaver, Richard Hoskins and Nicola Sinclair wrote to all residents in Eagle Terrace urging them to appeal their fines following the clampdown.

They said the tickets had been issued in breach of an agreement with council officers that all enforcement would be suspended until the review was completed.

Cllr Cleaver said: "We were told that if people appealed the penalties would be cancelled.
"I am trying to find out what has happened with Mr Barton because there does seem to be a discrepancy here."

Mrs Morris says she has asked the council to clarify why they accepted her appeal.
She added: "I’m glad I took a stand on this, but I am going to ask the council to clarify the situation.

"I have heard that CCTV cars are still visiting the road and it would be good to have some assurance that people will not be ticketed again."

Cllr Shoaib Patel, the cabinet member for Environment, Transportation and Crime, said: "On the face of it there does seem to be an inconsistency here.

"I will ask officers to look into what has happened."

Redbridge council has been asked to comment.