Potentially vital information has emerged in the hunt for a hit and run driver who knocked down and seriously injured a young man.

Lee Rose, 23, of Marlyon Road in Hainault, is still recovering from lifesaving brain surgery after he was knocked down in Leytonstone High Road in the early hours of April 20.

The trainee railworker’s heart stopped three times as he lay unconcious in the road.

He was only saved from death by the prompt action of passing medical student Laura Falvey who performed CPR on him until an ambulance arrived.

The incident occurred at a CCTV blind spot close to O’Neill’s pub, and so far police have not been able to trace the vehicle, described as a dark seven seat people carrier, which hit Lee.

But after Lee’s mum Carol took to social media to appeal for witnesses, a man has been in touch with her and police with potentially vital information.

The man, who does not want to be named in the media, says he was driving out of Hall Road in Leyton between midnight and 1am some time in April, when he was almost hit by another vehicle.

He said: “I saw the appeal on Facebook and it made me think of that incident.

“A dark green seven seat people carrier driven by a woman turned sharply into the road and almost hit me head on.

“She was driving really badly. I only thought about it again when I saw the appeal.”

The man said the car was either a Renault Espace or Scenic with a 2005 registration plate. He says there was yellow sign in the back window. He does not remember the date of the incident.

On Wednesday morning a reconstruction of the hit and run in which Lee was injured will be shown on the BBC’s Crimewatch Road Show.

Lee’s mum Carol said: “We are really hoping somebody’s memory is jogged by the programme.

“Lee is recovering, but he will have to have another operation to remove some bolts from his skull.

“He is also suffering from headaches still and will have to have his broken fingers reset.

"It's been a very difficult time for him and the whole family.”

The Guardian is awaiting an update on the investigation from Waltham Forest police.

Watch the reconstruction on the Crimewatch Roadshow on BBC1 at 9.15am on June 26.