More than £100,000 of taxpayers' money was wasted on legal costs relating to the sacking of a housing boss, it is claimed.

Sharon Standell was dismissed by the council in 2011 from her position as chief executive of Redbridge Homes, which managed the authority's housing stock, for gross misconduct.

It followed concerns over her role in a salary increase she was alleged to have awarded herself.

Ms Standell lost an appeal against her sacking, but took her case to an employment tribunal, which was due to sit this summer.

However, an undisclosed settlement was reached before that tribunal could take place.

Liberal Democrat councillor Gwyneth Deakins was one of several Redbridge Homes board members to resign over the way Ms Standell’s sacking was handled.

And now she has raised concerns over the use of public funds.

She said: "I have received information that the council’s legal costs in this case are in the region of £100,000.

"There will be additional costs on top of that because Ms Standell was suspended on full pay for seven months, pending her dismissal.

"If the council felt they had such a strong case, why drop it after two years?

"It makes one wonder if they ever had much of a case at all.

"Was there ever enough evidence to back the council’s central accusation that she deliberately engineered the whole thing as they say she did?

"If there wasn’t, why did it take so long and so much money to realise that?

"Sadly, I think there is more chance of a blizzard in hell than there is of Redbridge ever investigating this matter.

"But this is taxpayers money which has been wasted and that is scandalous.

"Lessons need to be learned. Councillors need to keep closer tabs on officers.

"As feeble as it sounds though, I do not think there is anything we can do about the money that has been wasted here."

The council has been asked to comment.