A finance officer opened her house up for a cake sale to raise funds for a children’s hospice.

Michelle Van Lint, raised £1,400 for the Haven House Children’s Hospice in Woodford Green, with the sale at her home in Derby Road, South Woodford.

Guests paid £1 to get in and were treated to a delicious selection of home-made cakes and a glass or two of Pimms.

They also helped out by buying bags, cards and tickets for a fundraising raffle.

Generous Michelle holds the event on an annual basis.

She said: “Every year beforehand I think, 'Why have I taken this on again!?'

“Then the day arrives and the kind hearts of so many restores my faith in human nature. 

“I had a wonderful yet exhausting day and Haven House will be £1,400 better off as a result.  This is an amazing total and my record to date.”