A group of teenagers have raised £350 for the education of underprivileged children.

Elliana Hamer, 15, a pupil at Woodbridge High School in St Barnabas Road, Woodford Green, has established the Live2Learn fundraising group with five friends.

It follows a visit to the school from representatives of the Wings of Hope charity, which provides free education for children in developing countries.

Miss Hamer said: “The assembly was the first step for us to realise that there were children around the world who would give anything to have what we take for granted.

“Some days we may moan about having to wake up early or whine about how much homework we have, not giving a second thought to the importance of education and how lucky we actually are.”

The charity runs a scheme which helps young people raise money for children in India and Malawi.

“After a bit of research, our hearts and our minds were set on this fantastic and inspiring scheme, so we signed up,” Miss Hamer added.

Miss Hamer, Sinead Jones, Sophie Beal, Jessica Dorey, Naeema Saeed, all 15, and Ofshori Ahamed, 14, raised the money through a bake sale outside South Woodford Library, and a sponsored litter pick where a local councilor gave them £40.

Miss Hamer said: “As well as raising money, we have raised awareness and raised an issue within our hearts.

“Sometimes the biggest difference made is when children are willing to fight for the rights of other children, even if they live on the other sides of the globe.

The scheme gives one fundraising team the opportunity to travel to India to meet the children they are trying to help and see the impact the money has had on their lives.

Miss Hamer said: “This would be a tremendous and humbling experience, where we will not only be able to see the impact we have made on their lives, but hopefully they will be able to see the impact they have made on us and our view on the world.

“Personally, this experience has really opened my eyes to see the world beyond my own life, which is an incredible journey to take at my age and it has only just begun.”
To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/Elliana-Hamer