Pupils are attempting to raise £15,000 to travel to Singapore and take part in the next round of an international academic competition.

The 15 year 9 pupils at Wanstead High School in Redbridge Lane West have qualified from the London rounds to the global stage of the World Scholars Cup, which takes place between June 24 and June 27.

They have launched the fundraising effort to pay for travel expenses and hope to compete against teams from around the world in debating, writing and general knowledge.

All participating teams will be able to apply for a place at the final Tournament of Champions round at Yale University in America.

Jason Gharu, head of Year 9 at the school, said: “Getting five teams through exceeded all expectations and has left us with a massive fundraising challenge.

"Students have a number of events lined up from bake sales to netball rallies and the highly anticipated, Guess the Teacher.

"Our students are representing the community on a world stage and I feel they are deserving of our support.”

Year 9 student Elise Clarke, said: "We can't believe so many of us made it through, it was a shock. We are all working hard to raise money so we can all compete."