A total of 6,200 tickets have been issued following the installation of a controversial new CCTV camera.

Dozens of motorists are now challenging fines for driving in a bus lane near the Green Man roundabout in Leytonstone.

Road markings for the bus lane in Whipps Cross Road end about 10m before the roundabout to enable increased access.

However, drivers claim they are still being fined for using the lane once the markings have ended because a sign indicating the end of the restriction was recently moved closer to the roundabout.

However, the sign has been vandalised and the wording spayed over.

A council spokeswoman revealed that thousands of the £65 tickets have been issued.

She said: “6,200 tickets have been generated since the camera was set up, but a number of these will be duplicate tickets given to the same motorists on different dates within a matter of days, where they have not initially realised they have committed an offence.

“In these instances it is standard practice – where a motorist appeals – to cancel duplicate tickets so we would encourage those affected to go through the usual appeals process and we will of course consider each case on its own merits.”

A meeting at Wood Street Post Office in Walthamstow saw dozens of other drivers come together to vent their anger after receiving tickets.

John Davey, 67, has demanded that an on-site survey is conducted by the council as not only are the markings confusing drivers, the sign has been vandalised.

Mr Davey of Chadwick Road said that he has seen tens of people contesting tickets.

He said: “I’m not joking, every time I go by there is someone taking a picture of the sign.

“I have been fined twice. By the time I knew I had done anything wrong I had a second ticket.

“I know about 15 people are contesting tickets on the basis that the sign has been vandalised and you cannot see when you are and are not allowed in it.

“It is just about making money.”