A report has called for CCTV cameras to be used to protect ambulance workers in London from attack.

A Freedom of Information Act disclosure revealed an average of four ambulance workers were assaulted each day in the capital.

A report by Conservative London Assembly member, Roger Evans, said body-worn CCTV cameras could help protect crews.

He called for 100 trial cameras to be worn by London Ambulance Service (LAS) staff, along with 100 on-vehicle devices, at an estimated cost of £106,000.

Mr Evans said: "It is a disgrace to hear of cases where front-line staff are having their fingers savagely bitten by drunks and attacked with fence posts.

"Video evidence would make it easier to report crimes, avoid disputes and shorten trials."

But London Ambulance Service (LAS) warned the cameras would undermine public trust.

LAS Director of Operations , Jason Killens, highlighted the issue of patient confidentiality.