A proposed shortening of a bus route would have a drastic impact, it is claimed.

Transport for London (TfL) wants the 375 bus route between Romford Station and Passingfield Bridge to end at Havering Atte Bower.

David Bailey, headteacher at Stapleford Abbotts Primary School, in Stapleford Road, said: “The loss would cause a lot of disruption to the school.

“I have four members of staff who use the bus every day and three or four families who also use it occasionally.

“It would be drastic for the school.”

The bus also currently stops outside the Royal Oak in Oak Hill.

Manager Neal Murray said: “If it gets cut off we will definitely lose trade.

“Customers use the bus because they know they can have a drink and not worry about driving, and it stops right outside.

“It will affect staff that come here from Romford on the bus too.

“Even if they reduced the service to every two hours it would be ok but if it goes then it will be a problem.”

Stapleford Abbotts Parish Council is also opposed to the plan for the service, which runs every 90 minutes.

A council spokeswoman said: “It will affect a lot of elderly people and non-drivers in Stapleford Abbotts.

“We have made Essex County Council very aware of the difficulty this would bring to some of our residents.”

Peter Bradley, TfL's Head of Consultation Delivery, said: "We are having some informal discussions with the London Borough of Havering and Essex County Council over possible longer term changes to the bus route 375, but there are no firm plans at present.

"We would ensure that any proposals that would affect local bus services are discussed with Stapleford Abbotts Parish Council as well as Essex County Council."