Tributes have been paid to a former mayor of Redbridge following his sudden death.

Graham Borrott died at the age of 77 at King George Hospital in Goodmayes on August 23, his funeral was held on Friday.

Cllr Keith Prince, of the Church Ward, spoke of a ‘lovely man’ who helped him when he first got onto the council.

He said: “I remember when I was involved in a spat with another councillor, he could have sat back and laughed like the others, but he sent me a very gentle email telling me that this is not the way to behave - which is something I have taken with me.

“He was not a glory-boy headline grabber. He did a lot of under the radar constituent work and would always find the time helping the individuals of Redbridge.”

“I knew his son very well growing up and I feel so sorry for his family.

Cllr Paul Canal was also full of praise for his former colleague.

He said: “Graham Borrott dedicated his life to public service.

“His example of selfless civic responsibility is challenge to us all and especially to those new to local politics.

“We should follow his example, remembering that we are here to serve the borough and its residents first and foremost.”

Cllr Canal believes Mr Borrott’s finest achievement in public life was his role in founding Redbridge Voluntary Care.

He said: “Whenever a vulnerable person in our borough, lonely and in need, whether young or old, receives support from Redbridge Voluntary care, it is directly as a result of his actions over 40 years ago.

“His family and our Borough and rightly proud of Graham Borrott and will miss him deeply.”

Mr Borrott is survived by his wife Pat, three children David, Michael and Katherine, and six grandchildren.