Are the days of domination by the big supermarkets over? That was the question put to me by Mrs Jones the other evening as we tucked into a hastily assembled omelette. On top of all its financial accounting woes, Tesco this week announced that a brand new £20 million store in Cambridgeshire, due to open in November, is being mothballed. It’s being seen by some as a sign that for Tesco, giant supermarkets are not as profitable as they once were. The rise of home delivery is undoubtedly a factor. But I wonder if customers have also become fed-up with giant stores which are so big they are overwhelming? The bigger the store, the more hellish the shopping experience in my view. We are so spoiled for choice in the shopping aisles to the extent that it takes ten times longer to choose and compare prices. Who needs 50 different types of bread when the only real question is brown, white or sliced? With potatoes, it used to be a choice of old or new. Now we have Desiree, Romano, Saxon, Marabel and King Edward to name but a few. Could all of this mean some light at the end of the tunnel for smaller retailers and the future of the high street? Watch this space.