Once again shocking conditions have been exposed at a takeaway – this time in Highams Park. A routine inspection found the place full of cockroaches, with a kitchen so filthy it would put the worst slum dwelling in a Charles Dickens novel to shame.

Spice E4 was closed down two days after the visit by inspectors (why so long, I ask?) But after a deep clean and a thumbs up from inspectors, guess what? It’s back open for business, under the same watchful eye of its owner and his team of meticulous staff.

The inspectors’ report concluded conditions at Spice E4 posed an imminent threat to public health. Yet aside from being ordered to pay the council’s costs of £569, it’s pretty much business as usual.

Time and again we hear of filthy takeaways in Waltham Forest. The council can only do so much. There need to be tougher laws to close down businesses for good which so blatantly expose customers to unacceptable risk.