The community is at loggerheads over another proposal to re-organised roads, following a row over the ‘mini-Holland’ trial in Walthamstow.

Fierce debate raged over the recent temporary implementation of a cycle-friendly scheme in and around Walthamstow Village, which saw a section of road pedestrianised , while other roads were changed from two-way to one way and vice versa.

Some claimed it caused congestion and was unsafe, while others said it was a positive move to improve safe cycling and the environment.

Now, people living in six Leyton roads off the busy Lea Bridge Road are split over an attempt to prevent roads in the Barclay Estate being used as a rat-run.

Under the plan, Peterborough Road, Matlock Road, Essex Road, Liverpool Road, Nottingham Road and Colchester Road will all have one-way sections.

West End Avenue will be closed to cars at the junction with Peterborough Road, with access for cyclists only.

A total of 266 households responded to a consultation earlier this year, with 53 per cent in favour of the scheme.

But opponents say not everyone affected was properly consulted and the changes will not solve the problems.

One critic John Glenham , of Essex Road, said: “They should have called a public consultation meeting, presented their findings and told us what they wanted to do.”

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