A victim of female genital mutilation (FGM) has started a campaign calling for mandatory teaching on the issue in schools.

Teaching assistant Hibo Wardere, of Hatherley Road in Walthamstow, was a victim of the practice in her home country of Somalia when she was six.

Now she is calling on schools to warn girls about what they should do if they believe they may become a victim.

She said: “FGM is a devastating, barbaric, medieval, practice that shouldn't be inflicted on young innocent girls.

"FGM strikes like a hurricane but the destruction it leaves behind is for live. Its against human right violations and it's also taking the girl's rights to have her full body without been tampered with.

“We need to give the girls right to learn the full effects of FGM.

“We need to give them the power to say no. We need to give them the right to have their full body. We need to protect them from this harmful practice by teaching “It has to be seen as child abuse.”

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