MP Lee Scott has received death threats due to his religion, he has revealed.

The Ilford North MP, who is Jewish, said he was first threatened at the last election by two people who called him a "dirty pig" and said they were going to kill him.

During a parliamentary debate on anti-Semitism on Tuesday, Mr Scott said he also received a phone call telling him he should be stoned to death.

"Being Jewish is my religion, that's the end of it. I was born a Jew, and that's what I've chosen to practise,” he told the BBC.

"I would never enforce my religious beliefs on anyone so why should I have that for just my religion?

"I do the best job that I can to the best of my abilities. Some will like me other won't, some will like my party others won't, but whether they like me or not, it's not a reason to try and kill me."  

Mr Scott no longer holds surgeries as a result of the threats and constituents must make an appointment to speak to him.